How to conduct trees survey

Do you want to make your trees safe in line with legal obligations? Tree surveys are performed to protect and have information about trees. All the landowners need to ensure the safety of threes on growing on their land. If there is trees o a public place where the people come frequently, it’s necessary to determine that trees are not hazardous to public health and their safety; you may need to brace some trees to make them safe and hazard-free.

The tree survey is the best and primary method to get useful information about the trees growing in a specific area. A surveyor collects data during the investigations. This data includes the number, type—age and location of pants. If you want to develop your land for housing purpose and want to inspect it for the potential construction process, you need to conduct a bs5837 tree survey in line with the British standards. In a tree health survey, you get information about health factors, presence of infections and damage posed by a tree. All these things may be part and parcel of your inquiry.

You may get some vital insight into tree health survey in this article.

Planning a tree health survey

Timing of the survey is crucial to make you capable of detecting specific infestations and diseases. You need to cover the entire plantation in the survey area and never miss a tree. Obviously, you need to plan when you are going a conduct a tree survey. There are different ways to divide your land into manageable areas for survey purpose.

The first step in this respect is quarter-point transacts. In this phase, you identify the diseased trees and travel north and south, east and west while taking notes of other affected trees along your way.

The second phase is the line transact. You use transact line that has eve spaces. You go along each line and get insight into trees o your right and left side.

The other method is the radius survey. It is conducted for the large expanse of bigger trees. You conduct a circular study in a certain area and get the report of few meters around you.

 The all types of tree surveys are carried out from the ground; you may in some case check the top of the tree. If you conduct a higher-level survey, you need to equip yourself with safety tools.