Mole removal methods

Are you concerned about moles on your skin? Are you searching for methods to remove them? It is a fact that most of us have a few moles on your skin anywhere. These moles are made of skin cells that produce pigment for your skin. If there is a concentration of cells on your surface, you will have moles in that location of your body. The moles have circular brown blemish appearance, which is apparent on your skin. Some moles are cancerous, but there is no emergency about removing them. They obviously affect your look and appearance.

You have a lot of options for removing moles. For some options, you need to consult a dermatologist. A dermatologist is skilled in treating your skin issues. Though a mole removal is not an essential process, you may remove it to improve your look. Also, keep in mind that mole removal is not covered under health insurance, and they may not pay the expenses.

Here are different methods of mole removal. You may choose a method according to your needs.

Surgical method

In this traditional method, a dermatologist removes the moles and other skin tags. The area of skin is administered the anesthetic to remove the mole. When the area is numb, a surgeon cuts it out with a scissor. In some cases, moles are rooted in your skin; for this purpose, a deeper excision is required. You need to stitch the skin. In this case, a scar will remain on the surface.


If your moles are not deeper with any cancerous features, you may use nitrogen liquid to freeze it off. You can do it quickly and without any pain. A small blister will, however, exist afterward.


Your doctor may shave down the mole it a scalpel. It will only leave a pink mark on your skin. It is a lighter method that requires a little surgery. You need to go to a local anesthetic, but it will not harm your skin anymore.

Laser method

You can take a lazier treatment to remove the moles. It is a relatively modern and innovative method. If the moles are not thick, you may undergo this method for noncancerous moles. If the mole exists in a sensitive area like ear or face, you may adapt this method instead of going for surgery.

In this way, you can remove your moles.